Pecyn Mega Offer Cam Model 3D Manylion Uchel Model 3D (gwrthwynebiad fbx max)

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3D Model gan VKModels

Llwyfan Cerddoriaeth - Manwl Uchel.

Mae'r holl fodelau wedi'u cynnwys.

Roedd goleuadau gyda deunyddiau heb eu goleuo wedi'u cynnwys, NO NO ôl-gynhyrchu ar ddelweddau cyflwyno.


Mae ffeiliau Obj, fbx a max, yn cael eu cywasgu mewn ffeiliau sip gyda'r holl ddeunyddiau, gweadau a ffolderi.

Deunyddiau safonol safonol 3ds a deunyddiau Vray wedi'u cynnwys. gyda .mat a .mtl

Golau llwyfan 1: polygonau 25.276

Golau llwyfan 2: polygonau 49.950

Golau llwyfan 3: polygonau 45.586

Golau llwyfan 4: polygonau 8.449

Golau llwyfan 5: polygonau 28.833

Golau llwyfan 6: polygonau 16.908

Llawr llwyfan: polygonau 5.336.

Amp llwyfan: polygonau 58.243.

Llawr amp llwyfan: polygonau 3.645.

Truss siaradwr: polygonau 31.495.

Rhwystr: polygonau 1.728


Yn ddigon manwl ar gyfer rendrau agos.

The stage design must be solid and reliable so that no emergency situations occur during concerts or other events. The mount must be durable. All types of stage constructions are prefabricated, so they can be called fairly compact constructions. The scene is made of high quality steel and various aluminum alloys. Thanks to these alloys, the construction of the stage is durable and reliable.

Stage equipment also includes lighting and sound equipment, which must be adjusted immediately before the start of events. For a concert to be successful, much depends on the stage equipment and the assembly of the stage itself. To date, a huge number of companies that offer their services for the installation of stage equipment carry out their activities.

Lighting equipment includes components such as a swivel head with a light source, an LED architectural lamp, a variety of lighting effects, and LEDs. They are designed to give the atmosphere any style and create an attractive design. The musical accompaniment also depends on the light, or rather, the light adjusts to the musical accompaniment. If the music is fast-paced, then, accordingly, the light rays must move quickly on the surface.

The sound equipment includes various players, analog mixers, mono inputs, stage amplifier control equipment, microphones.


Ffeil Sampl ar Gael i'w Lawrlwytho

Diogelwch cardiau
Fformat Cyflwyno: Llwytho i lawr yn unig!

Fformatau Ffeil Enghreifftiol Ffynhonnell Ffynhonnell 3D


  • Vertices: 1531786
  • Polygonau: 1423683
  • geometreg: Polygon
  • Hanimeiddio: Na
  • deunyddiau: Ydw
  • Rhyfeddol: Na
  • Gweadau: Ydw
  • Fformatau ffeiliau: Ffeil Max 3D Studio (.max), ffeil FBX Autodesk (.fbx), Wavefront (.obj)
  • ategion: V-Ray
  • NID: 30079
ID Model 3D: 197184

Cyhoeddwyd ar: March 20, 2012
Artist 3D: VKModels