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3D Model gan gonzo_3d

Bimota Tesi 3D 2012

Wedi'i wneud yn 3ds Max. Yn cynnwys SAFON a deunyddiau r / Brasil, a'r holl weadau angenrheidiol fel yr offerynnau dangosfwrdd neu arwynebau'r corff.
Mae'r rhain wedi'u marcio'n glir, 4096x4096 ac yn hawdd iawn i'w golygu a'u haddasu.

Mae fformatau 4 ar gael: obj, max, c4d a 3ds. Gellir cynyddu'r cyfrif polygon os dymunir yn y rhan fwyaf o wrthrychau ar y safle. Mae'r rhagolygon wedi'u gwneud gyda'r deunyddiau wedi'u cynnwys yn fersiwn Brasil r / s y model.


Bimota was a small Italian manufacturer of custom and production motorcycles. It was founded in 1973 in Rimini, Italy by Valerio Bianchi, Giuseppe Morri, and Massimo Tamburini. The name of the brand was inspired from the initials of its founders’ last names.

Because the state of frame design was sluggish in the 1970s, Bimota concentrated initially on building high-quality motorcycle chassis around existing engines. From the start they customized the highest models of Suzuki, Honda and Kawasaki. During the late 1970s, Bimota also helped and build motorcycyles branded as Lamborghinis. In the 1980s, they also modified Yamaha and Ducati motorcycles.

Bimota’s co-founder and long-time chief designer Tamburini has been an influential player within the development of other Italian brands.

Most recent Bimota models included the DB5, DB6, DB7, DB9 and the Tesi. The Tesi 3D was particularly unusual, which along with the co-designed Vyrus, was the only motorcycle then in production to use hub-center steering.

Bimota first experienced International racing success in 1980 when Jon Ekeroid, a real privateer, won the 350cc world championship on a Yamaha-powered Bimota.

At FlatPyramid, we have developed a high resolution 3D model of the Bimota Tesi 3D 2012. The design is quite realistic and well defined. It is available in different formats to be used in various projects. We hope that you like it.

In case of any queries, please feel free to contact. We shall be very happy to help you out.

Thank you for showing interest in the 3D model of the Bimota Tesi 3D 2012.

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  • Vertices: 177000
  • Polygonau: 156000
  • geometreg: Polygon
  • Hanimeiddio: Na
  • deunyddiau: Ydw
  • Rhyfeddol: Na
  • Gweadau: Ydw
  • Fformatau ffeiliau: Stiwdio 3D (.3ds), ffeil Max Stiwdio 3D (.max), ffeil FBX Autodesk (.fbx), Sinema 4D (.c4d), Wavefront.
  • ategion: Brasil RS
  • NID: 35303
ID Model 3D: 201602

Cyhoeddwyd ar: June 23, 2013
Artist 3D: gonzo_3d